Environmental Technical Institute, Itasca, IL -  Electrical, Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilating, Piping, Ducting, and Refrigerant Systems, 2010


B.A. Albion College, Albion Michigan, Business Management, 1977.


40 year member: United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Chicago, IL      Master Carpenter


Member: International Operating Engineers, Chicago, IL

Member of National and Local Builders Associations

Designed/built a career-standing 7,000 residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, managing carpenters, engineers, and architects


Wide-ranging expertise: framing, electrical, plumbing, heating, architecture/blueprint design, and more.

40 years of experience in all phases of construction including both residential and commercial


surface water drainage
sidewalks and drive
utilities access
roof, flashing
eaves, soffits
gutters and downspouts
basement walls
crawl spaces
heating system
plumbing system
hot water tank
sump pump
floor joists and sheeting
walls, ceilings and floors
ceiling joists and trusses or rafters
roof sheeting
roof shingles
attic ventilation
doors, windows, siding
cabinets and closets
toilets, sinks, and faucets
garbage disposal
major appliances
main fuse / breaker panel
wall outlets and switches
lighting fixtures
interior finishes
fireplace, and more